April 16 2015
WAI presentation and discussion in Graz

WAI will be offering a lecture and discussing with Petra Eckhard and Daniel Gethmann during the release of GAM Architecture Magazine 11: Archiscripts.

The presentation and discussion will be held at the GSII of TU Graz on April 21 at 19:00hr.

April 15 2015
WAI Selected to Participate in Inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennal

Today was announced in a press conference with Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel and curators Joseph Grima and Sarah Herda the list of participants of the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennal, "the largest international survey of contemporary architecture in North America.

WAI has been selected as one of the participants of the event to be held this fall from October 3 to January 3, 2016.

Biennal Co-Artistic Directors Joseph Grima and Sarah Herda--who are supported by an advisory council comprising David Adjaye, Elizabeth Diller,Jeanne Gang, Frank Gehry, Sylvia Lavin, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lord Peter Palumbo and Stanley Tigerman--selected more than 60 participants representing over 30 countries.

WAI is one of two practices based in China.

More info at the official website of the Chicago Architecture Biennal, Forbes ,and Artnet

February 23 2015
LI Creative Offices Now Online

Images and information about the on-going project of the LI Creative Offices are now online including a the five points for a contemporary architecture to challenge the typical office building.

More info on the project here.

February 23 2015
WAI to lecture at TU Graz and featured at GAM 11: Archiscripts

WAI will offer a lecture at TU Graz as part of the release of GAM 11: Archiscripts on April 21. Dedicated to the dialectic between architecture and writing, the special issue includes the original English version and a German translation of WAI’s Narrative Architecture Manifesto as well as the narrative architecture project ‘The Palace of Failed Optimism’ . Edited by Petra Eckhard (Managing Editor), Daniel Gethmann (Executive Editor), and Anselm Wagner and published by Birkhauser Verlag the issue includes contributions by Pedro Gadanho (Curator of Contemporary Architecture in the Department of Architecture and Design at the MoMA Museum of Modern Art, New York), Martino Stierli (Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern
Art, New York), Bernard Tschumi and more.

More info from the website:

Writing has become an important component of the architectural practice. Architects experiment with new writing modalities in order to concretize architectural designs and built forms, or to generate and debate about guidelines and paradigms in architecture. Even literary texts like utopian stories, comics, or urban novels open for architecture imaginative space conceptions that go beyond mere geometrical and functional principles.

GAM Archiscripts is a collection of current positions on and analyses of forms of expression, and of practices in architectural writing and publishing.
With contributions from Pedro Gadanho, Jimenez Lai, Martino Stierli, Bernard Tschumi, WAI Think Tank, Julia Weber and many more.

Petra Eckhard (Managing Editor), Daniel Gethmann (Executive Editor), Anselm Wagner (Book Review Editor).

More info soon.
To order a copy of GAM 11 (to be released in April) go here.

ISBN 9783035604528
Author Christian Thun-Hohenstein
Publisher Birkhauser Verlag
Binding pb
Year 2015
Status not yet published
Specs 344 pages. 500 colour ills. 27 x 23 cm

Price: AUD $45.00

January 28 2015
Archizines Opens in Lausanne and Houston after Bergen Art Book Fair and ETH Zurich

Following Beijing's exhibition, and shows at the ETH in Zurich, at Robotbutiken during the Bergen Art Book Fair in Norway, the WAIzine is traveling together with the rest of the Archizines collection to Archizoom at the EPFL Lausanne, and at the Architecture Center in Houston.

More info here:

23 February – 21 March 2015

29 January – 17 April 2015
Architecture Center Houston

20 November – 20 December 2014

7 – 31 October 2014
gta Exhibitions, ETH Zurich
January 12 2015
WAI Lectures at the ETSA in Malaga and at the ETSAM in Madrid

WAI offered two lectures in the schools of architecture of Malaga and Madrid.

January 12 2015
WAI Lecture at the ETSA in Malaga

WAI will offer a lecture at the Architecture School of Malaga. Lecture starts at 12:30.

January 9 2015
WAI Lecture at the ETSAM in Madrid

WAI will offer a lecture at the MAAP (Master in Advanced Architectural Projects) at the ETSAM in Madrid. Victory Over the Everyday: Arquitectura entre manifiestos y narrativas will be presented at the Conference Hall in the 3rd Level of the old building.

More info here.

January 9 2015
WAI Interview for V/ Paper Munich

As part of WAI's lecture at TU Munich, Anna Yeboah and Luis Michal of V/ did an interview about WAI and the concept 'Victory Over the Everyday'

V/: The term „Think Tank“ often relates to something political. What is it about in your case?

WAI: First of all our practice is not about political activism. We founded WAI out of our understanding of the architecture and our disagreement with things that we’ve seen concerning how the discipline is practiced or theorized.

We felt there is a lack of thinking, a banalisation of the discipline. That is shy we wanted to create a platform which is able to develop tools to think about architecture while practicing it. We’re definitely not a pure design practice.

You have published a lot of written theoretical texts and manifestos on architecture and art. For you, what is the relationship between theory and practice?

It depends. Some of projects are a product of research, others are products of design, so they are not necessarily based on theory.

Nevertheless there is always a theory behind them, which might be one of research, history, disciplinary understanding or how programs relate to society or politics. Some of our projects are meant to be published in the format of a book, some of them end up in the format of a building. So building is just one of our tools, publishing another, just like exhibitions or lecturing.

There are many different channels which all merge in our practice.

Next to your architecture practice „WAI Think Tank“ you also work as artists under the name “Garcia Frankowski”. Is there any border between art and architecture for you? What are the differences?

We have a very basic definition: For us “art” is everything that you say is art.

For example, I can call this chair over there a piece of art. Even if you deny it, it's still is art, because I say it is. This is the core and the power of contemporary art.

Architecture is different from that. You can’t just say a chair is „architecture“; you have to prove it. Architecture has a responsibility, a role to fulfill. It deals with the built environment, with solid architectural issues.

Art and architecture are two completely different things for us. They are completely separated from each other, serve different roles and respond to different questions.
Everything we do as „WAI Think Tank“ strictly relates to architecture, even if it was a text. As „Garcia Frankowski“ we produce art, we truly can be free.
We have the freedom to not think about buildings at all.

Do you also have a definition for architecture?

We might be able to define art, but we cannot define architecture. When we approach architecture, we believe that it has a lot of responsibilities and values underlying your role as an architect. What we can do, is to define what we think is not architecture and then try to avoid that by focusing on architectural issues.

Nathalie, you are from France, Cruz, you are from Puerto Rico. How come you have been living and working in Beijing, China for some years now?

After finishing my studies I arrived to Europe in 2008, three weeks before „Lehmann Brothers“ collapsed. That was at the very beginning of the financial crisis, which was not only an economic collapse, but also everything else seemed terrible to me at that point. We were getting tired of Europe and left for Beijing with the hope to find something completely different.

It just happened that we ended up there living and working for almost six years now, a pure coincidence.

Having the time of the financial crisis as a starting point for your practice, are you pessimistic or optimistic about the future?

Well, the future is always a challenge. Our lecture is named “Victory Over The Everyday” and that is pretty much the one big challenge of the future.

Times are changing; the enemies are changing. So you always have to keep reminding yourself that you just can´t stop fighting.

And there are a lot of things to fight for and a lot of things to fight against. You’ll have to find out how to engage in the fight in a creative way and develop new strategies if the ones existing don´t work out for you.

What role can architecture play in this „fight of the everyday“?

As architects or artists we can provoke a discussion about certain topics. In the end it really is about how to engage in our role to change people´s lives and affect their environment. I think architecture can´t make life better, but for sure it can make life more miserable.

We should stay humble enough to accept the limitations of our tools and acknowledge the fact that what we are doing might be just a little piece of something bigger. That is why in our case we always try to look at problems in a universal way and then look for suitable universal solutions. Even if it means that sometimes you have to resist the temptation to go wherever the market tells you to.

December 19 2014
WAI Horizonte Lecture and Lecture at TU Munich

WAI talked and discussed with the students of the Bauhaus University, Weimar and TU Munich

December 08 2014
WAI to lecture at TU Munich

WAI will lecture at TU Munich on the 17th of December. Lecture starts at 20:00. Free to the public
December 08 2014
WAI to lecture at the Horizonte Lecture Series at the BAUHAUS University in Weimar

Poster by www.bureaucarrosse.de

WAI will lecture at Weimar University as part of the Horizonte Lecture Series on the 16th of December. Lecture at the AUDIMAX starts at 19:00. Free to the public

Horizonte Bauhaus

December 01 2014
WAI to lecture at TU Munich

WAI will lecture at TU Munich the 17th of December. More info soon...

October 29 2014
Dialogue between WAI and Charlotte Fauve at the French Institute in Beijing Monday November 3

As part of the dialogue ÉCRIRE LA VILLE, UNE HISTOIRE URBAINE DU JOURNALISME, WAI will be in discussion with jorunalist and landscape architect Charlotte Fauve. The discussion will be celebrated in the auditorium of the French Institute in Beijing on Monday 3rd at 6:30pm.

Official info from the website:

Née dans la ville, la presse écrite a contribué à l’urbanisation autant qu’elle l’a racontée. Pourtant, les questions urbaines – architecture, paysage, urbanisme, etc. – ont peu à peu disparu des journaux. Or en 2050, 80 % de la population mondiale sera citadine. Le sujet intéresse et de nombreuses publications françaises apparaissent, auscultant les mutations des métropoles. À l’heure de l’urbanisation planétaire et du numérique, le métier de journaliste se réinvente et la question se pose, à quoi sert-il d’écrire la ville ?

Ingénieur-paysagiste et journaliste, Charlotte Fauve est notamment chef de rubrique aux magazines Architectures à Vivre et EK. Nathalie Frankowski et Cruz Garcia sont architectes, artistes et auteurs. En 2008, ils ont fondé WAI Think Tank, Architecture Art Urbanism Research, basé à Pékin.


October 29 2014
WAI featured in HORIZONTE Journal for Architectural Discourse

WAI's Palace of Failed Optimism has been featured in the 9th Issue of HORIZONTE Zeitschrift fur Architekturdiskurs (Journal for Architectural Discourse). The issue includes contributions by Serafina Amoroso, HHF Architekten, Benjamin Busch, Eric A. Kahn & Russell M. Thomsen, Milos Kosec, Gregory Marinic, Fabiano Micocci, Paul Polaris, Felix Rossl, Diana Soeiro, Daniel Springer, Stefan Staehle, Louis Volkmann, Andy Westner & Christian Zohrer, Collectivo Zooburbia and WAI Think Tank.

More info on the Palace of Failed Optimism here.

October 8 2014
WAI featured in VISION Magazine

WAI's Pure Hardcorism has been featured in VISION, China's leading lifestyle, fashion and culture magazine. The 144th issue is devoted to Surrealism in art, architecture, and fashion.

October 8 2014
WAI Presents Museum in Suzhou

As part of the development for the Suzhou Expo WAI was invited as one of the teams to propose a design for an art museum for the new Expo park in Suzhou. A Museum of Gardens by standardarchitecture WAI Think Tank has been presented to the jury and now awaits a deliberation.

More info on the project here.

October 8 2014
WAI's Hardcore Architektur Double-cover featured in Arch+ Frankfurt Book Fair

Featured on the covers of issues +214 and +215 themed Hardcore Architekture, WAI's Pure Hardcorism has been featured on the Arch+ booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Visit us Arch+ next week at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Booth K81in hall 4.1. For the first time, a whole section of the fair will be devoted to architectural publications.

Besuchen Sie uns nächste Woche auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse, Halle 4.1 Stand K81. Erstmals mit einem Architekturareal!


8.-12. Oktober 2014
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Halle 4.1 Stand K81

Reference: Arch Plus Facebook Page

September 28 2014
WAI Presents at UCCA Plan for Future Vision of 798 and WAIzine Presentation at Capital M and Quanyechang Bazaar

WAI participated in the final 3-day workshop City=Museum to develop a future vision for 798. The final day of the workshop organized by Mars + More included a presentation by each of the invited experts and strategists, including Mckinsey, OMA, CAFA, Moujiti, Hybrid Space Lab, XML, AIM and WAI.

WAI also presented the third issue of the WAIzine and the artist's book Shapes Islands Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto at Capital M and at Quanyechang during Beijing Design Week.

September 28 2014
Archizines Beijing + Paper Manifestoes Open at Quanyechgang, Beijing Design Week / Featured in New York Times T Magazine

The Beijing edition of the travelling exhibition of Archizines and Paper Manifestoes opened to the public the 25th of September.
Displaying for the first time in the Chinese capital the exhibition curated by Elias Redstone displaying independent and alternative architectural publications from around the world, the exhibition also presents Beijing-produced zines, pamphlets and artist's books.

The exhibition layout designed in collaboration with Sans Practice reinterprets Alexander Rodchenko's Worker's reading table.

Archizines Beijing and Paper Manifestoes have been highlighted as one of the exhibitions to see in T Magazine of The New York Times: China’s Top Design Talent Descends on Beijing by Samantha Culp, Sept. 26.

September 25 2014
WAI and Garcia Frankowski have been featured in the first issue of 八家 BāJiā

WAI's Suprematist Landscapes: Totems without Qualities and Garcia Frankowski's Untitled Poem (It's the sound of the future) have been featured in the first issue of Beijing-based 八家 BāJiā. Titled 'The Laws of Space', the first issue of the bilingual publication includes essays, interviews and contributions by artists, chefs, photographers, designers, musicians, writers and architects, including Beijing-based architect Li Xiaodong, chef Max Levy, and painter Yu Hong. Bajia is edited by Zandie Brockett / bāc-tā-gon and designed by Celine Lamee

Read Suprematist Landscapes here.

Title / Issue number: "The Laws of Space 空间之道“
Publisher: bāc-tā-gon
Publication date: Fall 2014
Editor-in-chief: Zandie Brockett 张桂才
Editors: Kyle Skor 宋克叶, Lijie Wang 王嘉里, Stelart Wang 王哲
Design: Celine Lamee
Location: Beijing, China
Language: English, Chinese
Format: Paperback
Size: 15cm x 15cm
Number of pages: 80
Price: 35 EUR
Content: Photographs, essays, reviews, illustrations,poetry, among other things.

Back cover poem by Garcia Frankowski

September 24 2014
Archizines and the WAIzine go to the ETH in Zurich

The travelling exhibition of independent and alternative architectural publications will open at the ETH in Zurich

Press Release:
We would like to invite you to the opening of the fall 2014 program of gta
exhibitions. This fall Studio Tom Emerson will build a series of stages within the
ETH Zurich architecture department as a way to re-see the public spaces of
the school. These structures will host an ongoing program of exhibitions and
events. For more detailed information on the first three exhibitions, see below.
Press Welcome, Fall Semester 2014
Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 4.30 pm
ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg, HIL, gta exhibitions
“Atlas, “Archizines,” and “Performative Archive: Skopje” are presente

September 8 2014
WAI Submits Proposal for an Invited Museum Competition in Suzhou

WAI is part of one of the five teams invited to submit proposals for a Museum in Suzhou.

More info soon!

September 8 2014
WAI to Present Study of the Future of 798 Art District

WAI Architecture Think Tank has been invited to study the Heritage of 798. As part of a group of offices and consultants including OMA, Rockbund Museum, AIM, More, Mars, WAI will create speculative scenarios and alternatives for the future development of China's main contemporary art district. The results will be presented at the UCCA in Beijing on September 28, 2014.

Official Press Release

MARS + MORE have invited eight world renowned Chinese and international offices and experts, including OMA, McKinsey, CAFA/Moujiti, HybridSpaceLab, XML, Rockbund Art Museum, AIM Architecture and WAI Architecture Think Tank to work together on an integrated planning strategy. In a live session during Beijing Design Week the eight proposals will be consolidated into a single future vision that integrates cultural and business management with architectural heritage and virtual technology: the first holistic approach for 798 and Chinese creative clusters at large.

Register now for the BJDW events 26, 27, 28 September: info@cityismuseum.com


Friday 26 September 1.30pm, Gallery ALL: 30x30
Gallery ALL, Beijing
Consecutive 15-minute strategy presentations by 8 participating teams of architects and experts.

Saturday 27 September 10am – 5pm: Live session ‘Planning as Relay!’
Gallery ALL, Beijing
Clash of Minds...from 240 to 60 ideas in 420 minutes!

5pm: Panel discussion ‘‘Planning as Relay!’
This debate will critically examine the viability of the common thread in Dutch collaborative planning projects ‘City = Museum’ and Beijing 2050. Moderated by Christine de Baan.

7pm: Magazine Launch Party / Bubbles + BBQ!
‘798 and the Creative Cluster Conundrum’
Urban China Magazine no. 67
Guest edited by MARS + MORE

Sunday 28 September, 3pm: Symposium CITY = MUSEUM
UCCA, Beijing Presentation discussing the holistic strategy for 798, followed by a public debate.
Moderated by MARS + MORE

August 17 2014
WAI and Garcia Frankowski: Books as Manifesto
Book Presentation at Capital M

As part of the participation during this year's Beijing Design Week WAI Think Tank directors Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski will present at Capital M their two new publications: their artist's book, Shapes Islands Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto (Vibok Works, Sevilla, 2014), and the third issue of their self-published magazine ‘What About It?

These two new publications manifest the diverse interests of their authors in their quest to communicate and question through painting, collage-making, poetry, book design and architecture. The books are part of a series that includes the Children’s book ‘The Story of the Little Girl and the Sun’, the publication of ‘Pure Hardcore Icons: A Manifesto on Pure Form in Architecture’ (Artifice Books, London, 2013) and the upcoming publication on Intelligentsia Gallery in Beijing.

For more info or to order a copy of Shapes Islands Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto visit Vibok Works.

For more info or to reserve a copy of What About It? Part 3 go here.

Capital M
Reservations required: (86 10) 6702 2727 or click here.

Capital M Address:
3/F, No.2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street
(just south of Tian'anmen Square)
Beijing 100051 China
邮编 100051

August 15 2014
WAI to Curate Paper Manifestoes Exhibition and present Archizines During Beijing Design Week

WAI Think Tank, Hao Chen and Ziyue Liu will curate Paper Manifestoes, an exhibition including independent and alternative Beijing-based publications dealing with space. These printed works oscillate from the abstract domain of the virtual world, to the physical concreteness of architecture, moving from the micro scale of domestic containment to the greater scope of urbanism.

Commemorating the publication of the third issue of the WAIzine What About It?(part of the Archizines Exhibition) and the artist’s book Shapes Islands Text: A Garcia Frankowski Manifesto (Vibok Works, Sevilla) ‘Paper Manifestoes’ gathers magazines, fanzines, pamphlets and artist books produced in Beijing.

Paper Manifestoes will be presented together with the Beijing edition of the travelling exhibition Archizines curated by Elias Redstone. The exhibition will be accompanied with workshops about self-publishing, talks and discussions with the editors of alternative magazines and artist books.


Open Call for Zines and Artist Books

July 30 2014
ARCHIZINES Comes to Beijing

Archizines will be presented during the 2014 edition of Beijing Design Week.

Curated by Elias Redstone, Archizines celebrates the resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing. The travelling exhibition (presented in over 30 cities around the world) presents 100 fanzines, magazines and journals from over 28 cities around the world, including the WAIzine 'What About It?'.

June 11 2014
Construction of the LI Creative Offices Goes on

WAI Think Tank's designed LI Creative Offices is under construction. Completion is expected by the end of next year.
More info soon.

June 8 2014
2014 The Seventh Abstract Art Exhibition Opens at PIFO New Art Gallery

A group exhibition featuring collages, and paintings by WAI Architecture Think Tank director's Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski is currently on display at PIFO New art Gallery in Beijing. The exhibition includes works by Hu Qinwu, Jin Shan, Kang Haitiao, Liang Quan, Ma Shuqing, Su Shangzhou, Tan Ping, Wang Chuan, Wang Jian, Zhang Xuerui, Zhong Zhao, and Garcia Frankowski.

MAY 29 2014

A group exhibition featuring collages, photomontages, mix-media and objects by WAI Architecture Think Tank director's Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski is currently on display at Mingtai Space. The Headquarters of the prestigious contemporary art program Art Nova 100 presents a group show curated by Jerry Song with works by Garcia Frankowski, Zhang Zheyi, Wang Hao, and Xu Guo.

MAY 20 2014

WAI’s Project 1984 has been featured in Studio Magazine #06. The sixth issue of the Milan-based independent publication is dedicated to Power. The magazine features the critical essay, images from the second installment of WAI Architecture Think Tank narrative architecture series as well as contributions by Jonathan Andrew, Federico Babina, Marco Belloni, Camillo Boano-Giorgio Talocci, Caterina M.C. Bona, Paolo Damato, Fabric, Mathias Lecoq, Pritam Lenka, Franco Martin Lopez, Fadwa Mustafa Mezughi, Kieran Murray-Conor Rochford, Joanne Pouzenc, Giuseppe Resta, Pier A. Rizzardi – Zhang Hankun and RRC Studio.

Order a copy of Studio magazine here.
MAY 12 2014

The Story of the Tower has been featured in the second issue of Concrete Flux. This time the Beijing-based alternative publication on urban conditions designed by Solveig Suess and edited by Tom Baxter explores the topic of Hybridity. Contributions include short stories, research, photo essays and texts by WAI, Martin Chorzempa, Jacob Dreyer, Aaron Fox-Lerner, Ming Lin, Suvi Rauto, Alessandro Rolandi, Cheryl M. Schmitz, Claudia Shrivastava, Shen Yi, Solveig Suess, and more.

APR 22 2014

Intelligentsia Gallery is currently presenting the group exhibition Dialectical Territories: Landscapes and Abstraction, including works by Olga Rodina (Moscow, 1982), Anastasia Soboleva (Kostroma, 1989) and Elena Tsibizova (Moscow, 1988) of Troyka Union; Li Wei (Harbin, 1979); Laura Gil Santana(Madrid, 1985); and WAI Think Tank Directors Cruz Garcia (San Juan, 1983) and Nathalie Frankowski (Dundee, 1985) of Garcia Frankowski.

With artworks that range from photography, to painting and sculpture, the exhibition challenges the territorial boundaries that often stand between Landscapes and Abstraction in the realm of contemporary art.

Opening April 20, 2014
Until May 24, 2014

APR 20 2014

The Archizines travelling exhibition of independent and alternative architecture and urbanism publications is currently on display at Kukuruchos in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Archizines includes the WAIzine.
Read the WAIzine 1 Here and the WAIzine 2 Here.

Archizines will be on display from April 3 to May 4, 2014.

APR 28 2014

Collages of WAI's Pure Hardcore Icons, the publication by Arfice Books on Architecture, the two first editions of the WAIzine and Garcia Frankowski's Poem of the Shapes are being displayed as part of the group exhibition 'Making Community' at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester. Curated by Bea Leanza the exhibitions opens the 11th of April.

More info from the CFCCA Website:
'Making Community - not the map nor the territory', participants and projects:

Participants names refer to those of initiators, many of these projects are the result of multiple contributions which are credited in the documentation provided on site of the show.

MAR 20 2014

The double issue of German architectural theory publication Arch+ has featured the German translations of Pure Hardcorism, The Shapes of Hardcore Architecture, and the project The Institute of Optimistic Architectures. Issues +214 and +215 also feature WAI’s collages on the cover.

From Arch+:

„Hardcore-Architektur“ ist eine direkte Antwort auf die Ausgabe „Think Global, Build Social!“, die sich aus einem spezifischen Blickwinkel mit den Folgen der Kritik an der Moderne auseinandersetzte, die spätestens seit den 1960er Jahren aufhörte, eine einheitliche Bewegung mit einem absoluten Wahrheitsanspruch zu sein. Als Gegenentwurf zum prozessualen und partizipativen Verständnis der Architektur stellen wir hier eine Generation von Architekten vor, die nach der Dominanz soziologischer und technologischer Fragestellungen im Architekturdiskurs der letzten Jahrzehnte wieder die intellektuelle Potenz der Form in den Vordergrund stellt.”

Access Issue +214 Here.

and Issue +215 Here.

MAR 14 2014

BauNetz has published a review of Pure Hardcore Icons: A Manifesto on Pure Form in Architecture in German.

From the website: “Die Verwendung des Begriffs Hardcore kennen wir bisher im Zusammenhang mit Techno, Rap oder Pornografie. Im Londoner Artifice-Verlag ist nun ein Buch erschienen, das sich mit Hardcore-Architektur befasst. Das „Manifesto on Pure Form on Architecture“ ist eine architekturtheoretische und künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit den radikalen Superzeichen der Architektur.”

For more info visit Baunetz here.

MAR 16 2014

Come and hear the charming story of a little girl and her rabbit and their journey from a city where the sun never sets. Inspiring authors, internationally acclaimed artists, architects and book creators Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski, have joined together to create 'The Story of the Little Girl and The Sun', where geometric shapes take center stage in a witty tale filled with fun.

Mar 22 11:00 a.m. - 13:00 p.m.

FEB 06 2014

French filmmaker and architect, Anne Philippe, will present “Estann or the Archipelagos of the Wandering Islands”, featuring works by Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia, on Sunday 09th of February at 4.30PM in the movie theater 2.

Cinétopia will be screened at Cinema l’ECRAN in Saint-Denis, Paris.

More information in French:

“A l’instar des rêves et des agencements mobiles d’images qui les composent, l’archipel d’Estann se reconfigure à chaque traversée d’une manière singulière. De l’île des limbes à l’île des devenirs, de la “ciné-architecture” aux chambres des rêveuses d’un film à venir, des propos sur l’art de Rilke à la grotte d’un sans abri, du noir de la salle de spectacle aux berges du canal de l’Ourcq, des jardins de l’A bao a qou aux villes invisibles… autant de traversées qui déploient des mondes possibles, esquissant par là même les contours d’une communauté à venir. Nous proposons une déambulation dans la carte à trois dimensions de l’archipel, où des fragments de textes remontés à la surface feront parfois écho à des séquences d’images inédites ou inachevées. Ces traversées seront propices à un voyage dans le futur d’un film en train de se faire.”

JAN 26 2014

Recent art works by WAI Think Tank directors Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski are in display at Intelligentsia Gallery in Beijing. The alternative art space opened its doors for the first time with the vernisage of ‘Garcia Frankowski Experiments on Form’ the 25th of January.

The exhibition that includes Paintings, collages and objects will be on display until the end of February. For more info you can visit Intelligentsia Gallery website.

JAN 26 2014

Puerto Rico’s main newspaper published an extensive overview of WAI Think Tank and Garcia Frankowski’s recent projects including the NCCA proposal in Moscow, the book Pure Hardcore Icons: A Manifesto on Pure Form in Architecture (London, 2013) and group and solo exhibitions around the world. Journalist Carmen Graciela Diaz’ ‘Construccion Continua’ (Continuous Construction); ‘El Vigor tiene forma’ (Vigour Has Form) article and interview was featured on the ‘Por Dentro’ special section on Saturday January 18.

JAN 07 2014

Ethel Baraona Pohl will be discussing WAI's Megastructures are the Shopping Malls of the Avant-garde in her upcoming lecture 'It's the Economy, Stupid' at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
JAN 16 2014

Ethel Baraona Pohl will be discussing WAI's Megastructures are the Shopping Malls of the Avant-garde in her upcoming lecture 'It's the Economy, Stupid' at the IAAC in Barcelona.

JAN 07 2014

WAI will be part of the opening panel discussion of the Shanghai leg of the Archizines World Tour of independent and alternative architectural publications. The exhibition that will be displayed in the Shanghai Study Centre of the University of Hong Kong, will include alongside WAI, Elias Redstone, curator of Archizines, Li Juan, Daan Roggeveen curator of the Study Centre.

More from the official website:

Opening: Saturday, 11 January, 3pm
The exhibition will be opened by a seminar on the Future of the Architecture Magazine, followed by drinks to celebrate the new show.

University of Hong Kong / Shanghai Study Centre
298 Bei Suzhou Lu (Close to Sichuan Bei Lu)
Hongkou District, Shanghai 200085
Subway stop Tiantong Lu
Website ash.arch.hku.hk

11 January – 9 March 2014

Opening Times
Daily, 10am – 8pm

More info here.